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Each episode is structured around a ~25 minute interview with an expert on some topic driving world politics and international affairs. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Diplomats, Journalists, NGO leaders, academics and experts of all stripes appear on the show twice a week, every week.

Global Dispatches is run by Mark Leon Goldberg (me). I’m a veteran journalist who has been recognized as a pioneer of “humanitarian journalism.” This is an emerging field that combines the conventions of journalism (like objectivity) with key principals of global humanitarianism (like the moral equivalence of all lives, regardless of geography). This often leads me to shine a spotlight on under-covered global stories and seek perspectives overlooked by conventional media outlets.

Global Dispatches interviews are always enlightening and often highly useful to the foreign policy community that congregates around the show. Our core audience are foreign policy and international affairs professionals — but we are accessible to all. Every episode is available for free on your favorite podcast listening app.

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Mark Leon Goldberg is a veteran international affairs journalist who writes the Global Dispatches Substack and hosts the Global Dispatches podcast.